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In July 2023, Onondaga County adopted its new comprehensive plan, titled Plan Onondaga. Plan Onondaga establishes a vision for a future Onondaga County that is competitive and vibrant, and offers its residents a high quality of life. 

One of the plan's main themes is Housing and Neighborhoods, and the plan lists a number of related goals and strategies which require additional information to bring to life. Housing Onondaga will further analyze the local housing market, and expand the analysis to each of the county's 34 towns and villages. The analysis will help County, town, and village officials understand housing-related opportunities and challenges so they are better prepared to make important planning, land use, and programmatic decisions in the future. 

The effort to understand the county’s housing market, and integrate housing into broader policy, is not starting from scratch: 

Plan Onondaga

Plan ONondaga introduced the region to high-level data related to housing market trends and Housing and Neighborhoods as a priority theme.

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Syracuse Housing Study

The City of Syracuse conducted its own housing study, speaking not only to housing market conditions inside the city but also to the county context of which Syracuse is a part. 

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